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Michael Sacramento learned how to draw from his father who owned and designed for his own shoe business in Manila, Philippines. Their artistic bond forged and continues to fuel Michael's interest for creativity. After studying painting and drawing at California State University, Northridge and San Francisco State University, Michael began his professional fine art career in 2003 with a sold out show in his first gallery exhibition.

In the same year, Michael received a training grant from the University of California, Berkeley to further his studies at California College of the Arts. Afterwards, he received another award to participate in Taking the Leap, a business school for artists. He continued his artistic journey through features in various media and more than twenty exhibitions including a solo exhibition in the U.S. national historic landmark International Hotel in San Francisco, California.

The themes in Michael Sacramento's work are based on the idea of memory and emotional connections. Each subject is tied to a particular experience - whether real or imagined. Michael's aesthetic style is influenced by traditional, pop, illustration and contemporary design. The resulting body of work forms the unique representation of his artistic perception.